“You’re Aberforth. Dumbledore’s brother.”

Through Voldemort’s eyes, Harry also gleans that another Horcrux lies within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Rowling says, “It makes complete sense that Voldemort would have hidden a Horcrux at Hogwarts since he mostly hid them in locations that were significant to him, and Hogwarts was once his home. That’s a major thing he and Harry have in common—for both of them, Hogwarts had been a place of refuge.”

However, the place that had once been a safe haven for Harry is now enemy territory, with Death Eaters in control of the school and Dementors patrolling the perimeter. Returning to Hogwarts will put him and everyone there at tremendous risk, but it is a risk he must take.

Harry, Ron and Hermione will have to sneak in through a secret passage in Hogsmeade. But the instant they apparate into view, alarms start to blare. The trio are about to be cornered when a door opens and a seemingly familiar figure ushers them inside. For an instant, they almost believe it is the late Professor Albus Dumbledore, but their rescuer is soon revealed to be his estranged brother, Aberforth.

Joining the Harry Potter ensemble, Ciarán Hinds was cast as Aberforth Dumbledore, whose lingering resentment towards his brother stems back to events in their youth. Hinds elaborates, “There was a friction between them because of choices Albus made to the detriment of their little sister, Ariana. And it would appear from the way Aberforth speaks of him that he just wasn’t ever able to move on from that.”

Although the filmmakers did not want Hinds’ Aberforth to look identical to Michael Gambon’s Albus, Dudman and make-up designer Amanda Knight collaborated to give the brothers a strong family resemblance.

However, as Jany Temime points out, “He dresses completely different from Albus because Aberforth owns a pub and Albus was a professor. The Dumbledores are Scottish, so the kilt was essential.”

Despite having helped Harry, Aberforth’s bitterness spills over as he tries to dissuade him from jeopardizing his life to accomplish a mission given to him by Albus. But regardless of all the negative allegations that have come to light about Professor Dumbledore, Harry has made his choice. “One of the big themes in these last films is faith,” Radcliffe asserts. “How long can Harry keep faith in this man whose character has been increasingly questioned?”

Barron answers, “Harry decides to trust the Dumbledore he knew, the man he believed in and who never let him down. Dumbledore gave him a crucial task to complete, no matter what it takes, and now he just needs to get on with it.”