“I think our ambition is that audiences will see this film and be frightened and scared, but also feel that they’ve had a rich experience seeing a wonderful story, well told,” says Richard Jackson.

James Watkins’ hope is for The Woman in Black to take audiences on a journey. “I want to give people a thrilling scare ride: to get under their skin, lay a cold hand on their spine, chill them to the bone and hopefully touch their hearts as well.”

Simon Oakes sums up the above sentiments – “If we scare and move people at the same time, then I think we’ve done a good job.”

Lastly, Radcliffe offers his own wish for the audience. “After they leave the theater, if they’re walking around their house alone and there’s
an open door with the lights off, my hope is that they will now be compelled to walk past that door ever so slightly faster.”