03 Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Avengers Go Global

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With the storyline for the film decided, the filmmakers felt it was important to inject a global relevance into the story for the film as well. “We’ve always considered The Avengers to be sort of the world’s heroes,” says Kevin Feige. “Not just America, not just any particular region, but globally and certainly the results of the first movie proved that. When we started developing the story we knew we wanted to take it out of New York. Some of the movie does take place in New York, but we wanted to send The Avengers to the far reaches of the globe so it’s legitimately a globe-trotting adventure.”

“The balance of these movies has always been big, huge beautiful stage sets, but then you also have to go outside and see the world,” says executive producer Jeremy Latcham. “You have to open up the scope, which is one of the things we’ve really tried to do on ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ We wanted to go to new locations that haven’t been seen on film as much, like Seoul, South Korea, downtown Johannesburg, South Africa and the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy. The new locations really add a fresh feeling to the film and show that The Avengers really do protect the world.”

“We wanted the first Avengers film to be big, but for this film I wanted it to bigger, but I also wanted it to be broader and more global,” says Joss Whedon. “We wanted to look at The Avengers and see the effect they have on the whole world. We got the team together in the first film, which seemed sort of an impossible task. But then the question becomes ‘Well, once they’re together are they compatible and are they useful and how does the world perceive them?’ And how does that affect their perception of each other? So it’s great to open it up and instead of trying to recreate places on stage, actually go to places to get the local feel and architecture, which gives the film a real veracity. When you have several main characters that are CGI, you really need to ground the film with practical locations.”

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