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Another new character on The Avengers team is Vision, played by Paul Bettany who previously had voiced Jarvis in the “Iron Man” films. “I think another great full circle moment in this film is Paul Bettany coming in as Vision,” informs Robert Downey Jr. “Paul’s been essentially with me from the beginning and it was so nice to actually get him on set instead of at the premieres. He’s an amazing actor and it’s a fantastic character.”

“Vision is a key Avenger in the comic books and is a very unique character,” says Kevin Feige. “He’s an artificial life form, but he’s as pure and innocent as any of the characters. He has such a different look and Paul Bettany, who has played Jarvis for so many years, gets to step out from behind the sound booth and put on an outfit and become a true Avenger in the guise of Vision. His look is spectacular and his powers are spectacular and he really represented a new power base for the team.”

Commenting on his character, Bettany says, “What’s lovely about what Joss has done is there’s a sort of omnipotent yet totally naïve creature who’s born as an adult and is super smart and yet he still has the childlike features of discovering himself and falling in love with the world around him, enjoying human beings and sort of experiencing everything fresh.”

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