[CD] Mad Max Fury Road

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Since Mad Max: Fury Road experienced a lengthy development, multiple composers were attached to the film at various times including John Powell and Marco Beltrami. In October 2013, it was officially announced that Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL would be composing the film’s music. After being contacted by Warner Bros. Senior Vice President Darren Higman, Holkenborg flew to Sydney where he viewed a three-hour workprint of the film and met with director George Miller. Because of his work on 300: Rise of an Empire and his on-the-spot ideas for Mad Max: Fury Road, Holkenborg was hired by Miller and immediately began work on writing the film’s themes. “I got in August of 2013 and we [didn’t finish] until August 2014,” said Holkenborg. “When you’re so early in the game, you have so much room of experimentation.”

Similar to Brian May, who composed the scores to Mad Max and Mad Max 2, Holkenborg was inspired largely by the work of Bernard Herrmann. “One of my favorite time periods in film scoring is the 1940s and 1950s and in the early 60s during the golden days of Bernard Herrmann and the start of Ennio Morricone,” said Holkenborg. “There was so much rich material written then and George and I wondered why more of that wasn’t being used in film scores today.” Holkenborg also drew inspiration from the rock opera genre, utilizing hundreds of drums and constructing electric guitar-driven themes.

Recorded at Trackdown Studios in Sydney, a majority of the score was performed by Holkenborg himself. “I basically played everything myself except for the strings and the brass that we recorded as a section in Sydney,” said Holkenborg “I worked with Nick Zinner, the guitarist from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on a couple of cues. He’s got this really wonderful tone, so we added some guitars.”

The score was later played for the film’s actors during ADR sessions to gain a musical awareness of the film. “I know that George played the music to the actors when they came in to do the ADR,” said Holkenborg. “Once they saw rough cuts of their scenes with the music that I did, they got a whole different idea of how they should have handled the ADR.”

Standard Edition

1. “Survive”
2. “Escape”
3. “Immortan’s Citadel”
4. “Blood Bag”
5. “Spikey Cars”
6. “Storm Is Coming”
7. “We Are Not Things”
8. “Water”
9. “The Rig”
10. “Brothers In Arms”
11. “The Bog”
12. “Redemption”
13. “Many Mothers”
14. “Claw Trucks”
15. “Chapter Doof (Extended Version)”
16. “My Name Is Max (Extended Version)”
17. “Let Them Up”

Deluxe Edition
1. “Survive (Extended Version)”
2. “Escape (Extended Version)”
3. “Immortan’s Citadel (Extended Version)”
4. “Blood Bag (Extended Version)”
5. “Buzzards Arrive (Bonus Track)”
6. “Spikey Cars (Extended Version)”
7. “Storm Is Coming (Extended Version)”
8. “We Are Not Things (Extended Version)”
9. “Water (Extended Version)”
10. “The Rig (Extended Version)”
11. “Into the Canyon (Bonus Track)”
12. “Brothers In Arms (Extended Version)”
13. “The Chase (Bonus Track)”
14. “Moving On (Bonus Track)”
15. “The Bog (Extended Version)”
16. “Redemption”
17. “Many Mothers (Extended Version)”
18. “The Return To Nowhere (Bonus Track)”
19. “Claw Trucks (Extended Version)”
20. “Immortan (Bonus Track)”
21. “Chapter Doof”
22. “Walhalla Awaits (Bonus Track)”
23. “My Name Is Max”
24. “Let Them Up”
25. “Mary Jo Bassa (Bonus Track)”
26. “Coda (Bonus Track)”