Sleepy Hollow Recap 102: Blood Moon

EPISODE: 102 – BLOOD MOON | by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-­‐Fi
© 2014 Chicago Sci-­‐Fi Media Group

This week’s episode, starts out with Ichabod running through some woods followed closely by four horseman. Headless, and three others of the apocalypse. Ichabod gets entangled in a tree, the roots drag him underground where Katrina, Ichabod’s wife, is waiting for him with a warning. “An army of evil will make way for their arrival. The first dark spirit arises with the blood moon. She’s one of us. You must stop her before she kills again.” Ichabod wakes, he’s in a motel room, where he is being guarded, and unable to leave.

Meanwhile, Abbie is at the police station, discussing with Captain Frank the Horseman and the death of Andy Dunn. She is told, by the Captain, that the two officers who had said they saw the Horseman have “recanted” their stories, and that they have video of Andy running into the mirror and breaking his own neck. Captain Irving does admit that there is something going on, and that while he is away, he is granting Abbie some “latitude” to figure things out.

In the morgue, Andy comes back to life, and has his head put back on the correctly. He encounters the demon, who is in his cell. Andy then throws up a medallion. The demon, (speaking in a demonic language) tells Andy to release someone, but who, he doesn’t know. Andy then proceeds to find a uniform, gets into a Sheriff’s car, and drives off.

While Abbie is attending Sheriff Corbin’s funeral, Ichabod is not far off visiting his wife’s grave, when he understands what Katrina meant when she said “she is one of us” meaning a witch. Later that night in the same cemetery, Andy puts the medallion on a grave that bursts into flames and a corpse (now alive) appears. Andy gives the corpse this message: “The ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection. Take their flesh and you will reclaim yours.”

That same night, Andy stops a car on the highway and asks the driver for his name. “Steven Firth” the driver informs Andy. Andy tells Steven that it’s nothing personal, and then drives off. The corpse appears in the road, jumps on Steven’s car setting it on fire, and Steven along with it. The next morning Abbie and Ichabod show up to investigate. Ichabod informs Abbie, that similar murders happened back in Ichabod’s war days. He tells her that they were causes by a coven of witches, headed by a high priestess – Cerilda of Abaddon. Abbie remembers that Sheriff Corbin had files on two covens – one good and one bad.

Ichabod and Abbie find themselves under the streets of Sleepy Hollow trying to get to Sheriff Corbin’s files that have now been moved. Abbie is unable to gain access to them, but Ichabod knows that there are tunnels that lead to where the files are being kept. Along the way, they find gunpowder boxes from Ichabod’s war days, along with bones of witches that were not allowed proper burial.

While Abbie and Icabod are in the tunnels, Andy approaches a little boy, asks his name, “Kyle Hemington” the boy informs Andy. Andy tells the kid to be careful, and then drives off. Leaving the boy frightened and unsure of what Andy meant.

Back in the tunnels, Ichabod and Abbie find out from a book they find in Corbin’s files, that it was the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart that was responsible for making Cerilda mortal. Leading to her being hunted down and burned. Abbie and Ichabod also come to the understanding, that Cerilda needs the ashes of those that killed her, to bring her fully back to life. They also know, that it has to be that night, the night of the “Blood Moon.” Firth was the name of one, Hemington the other. They rush off to Kyle’s house to find him safe, only because Kyle is adopted, not a true Hemington, but the ashes of his adoptive father are gone. Ichabod and Abbie rush back to the tunnels.

By this time, Cerilda has found her bones and has started to perform the spell that will bring her fully back to life. Ichabod shoots at Cerilda, but she catches the bullet in mid-­‐air. She looks at Ichabod and says “You carry her stench in your heart — the one who bound my powers, Katrina. She’s held captive in the world between worlds. Her fate is sealed. Now so is yours,” Cerilda then chases Ichabod and Abbie down the tunnel. She stops on top of one of the gunpowder boxes, Ichabod throws a torch at her. It goes out at first, but then bursts into flames and takes Cerilda out for good.

Back at the police station -­‐ Ichabod is pondering what Cerilda meant by Katrina being caught between two worlds, while Abbie is having an encounter with the Sheriff Corbin. Abbie asks Corbin if he was ever going to tell her about all of this. He asks her if she would have believed him. Before he disappears he tells Abbie, not to be afraid of no. 49.”

We are than outside room 49 where a young woman is doing pushups. The woman in Jenny Mills, Abbie’s sister, who is in a mental institution. The nurse comes in to gives Jenny her meds. She asks if Jenny’s seen any more monsters. “Not since I’ve been taking these,” Jenny tells the nurse, taking the pills and downing them.

Or so the nurse thinks. Once the nurse is gone, Jenny spits them out, stomps on them and blows the dust away. In a flash, behind Jenny, the demon appears and disappears.