Supergirl Recap 111: Strange Visitor From Another Planet

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SUPERGIRL | 111 | 01.25.16 | © 2016 Entertainment Weekly

“We all make mistakes — have regrets from our pasts,” is how Kara introduces us to this week’s episode of Supergirl , which even with all its alien drama, still gave us an hour rooted in personal relationships and family values. Kara and Alex are having a sisterly chat on the way to work about Kara’s complicated love life, following Winn’s confession. Kara stops at Noonan’s for Cat’s obligatory latte, and, Cute Guy Alert! Cute Guy starts talking to her and asks her about Cat, and Alex watches while a clueless Kara completely misses the fact she’s being hit on. Ah, Kara. So much to learn.

When Kara gets to work, she finds there are more important things than Cute Guy, like the fact that Sen. Miranda Crane (Unforgettable’s Tawny Cypress) is holding an anti-alien rally. Cat’s not happy that Sen. Crane is in town and wants to send Kara to the rally, but James volunteers to go instead — after all, he is the best photojournalist. Why is Cat so interested in giving Sen. Crane attention? “The more they talk, the more they sabotage themselves.” Life lessons from Cat Grant, y’all.

But Cat soon finds out there are more important things than Sen. Crane, namely Cute Guy showing up in her office unannounced. Cute Guy is actually her son, Adam (Blake Jenner, also known as Melissa Benoist’s real life husband). He got Cat’s letter, a.k.a, the letter Kara wrote and sent. After he leaves, Cat goes ballistic on Kara, firing her before Kara pleads her case. “Sometimes, it’s easier to face the past with a little help,” she tells her boss. Cat eventually reads the letter and finds it’s not all terrible, so she has her make a dinner reservation after all. (By the way, has anyone actually kept count of how many times Kara has been fired so far? I feel like it could be a drinking game.)

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Meanwhile, at the rally, James is deep in photographer mode when he sees something flash in front of his camera. Not a moment later, people start getting attacked, and James makes an emergency call to Kara, who arrives while Alex and Hank (who have also been staking out the rally on behalf of the DEO) attempt to go after the attacker. Hank uncharacteristically freezes up after having a vision but recovers with enough time to save Alex. Kara arrives to take a shaken Crane to safety, but the creature has disappeared. Back at the DEO, Hank brushes off Alex’s concerns. Crane isn’t exactly thrilled to be here, what with hating alien life and all, but Kara, Alex, and Hank force her to lie low with them, at least until they can find the creature that’s putting her life in danger.

Afterward, Alex confronts Hank about why he froze up at the rally. Hank admits that he brought the creature to National City after he revealed his powers and that it’s a White Martian — a race of Martians that killed his family long ago. It’s devoted to killing him and used the rally to draw him out. Hank is frustrated because if he handles this, he’ll reveal himself as Henshaw and put the entire DEO at risk. Kara vows to get his back, and later, when she’s looking through James’ photos, they realize that the Crane they rescued it actually the White Martian in disguise.

Kara immediately calls Alex, who alerts Hank, who is deep in conversation with White Martian Crane. She believes the DEO has another alien mole and wants to out them through an internal investigation. In their chat, she casually references the White Martian, which clues Hank in, because he never told her what exactly he was attacked by. Crane goes ballistic, using her powers to attack people, and in the middle of the battle, another vision paralyzes Hank until Kara shows up with her laser eyes. Kara attempts to follow but is interrupted by Cat…because of course she is.

Alex feels bad about pushing Hank into using his powers, thinking if she didn’t, this wouldn’t have happened. Hank further elaborates on why he feels guilty because it wasn’t just his planet that was attacked — it was his family and children, too, who died before he could get them out, even though he tried to protect them. That makes Hank the one remaining Green Martian, which is why the White Martian is so intent on killing him. Meanwhile, Cat’s upset because her dinner with Adam went pretty terribly. See, she had asked Kara for advice earlier then shrugged it off — because, you know, “I’ve handled Putin, Pope Francis and Taylor Swift. This is Adam.” Talking to your estranged son is harder than it looks, though, and their first attempt at reconciliation is downright disastrous, with Adam quickly realizing she probably didn’t send the letter and Cat talking too much about her work and herself. But Cat realizes that Adam didn’t come here to see her. He came because of the letter that she didn’t even write.

Kara vows to fix things, and if there’s one thing Kara knows how to do, it’s righting her wrongs. She shows up at his hotel and begs him to give his mom another chance. “Sometimes, being a hero means making sacrifices,” she says. Adam, of course, realizes she wrote the letter and agrees to see his mom again under one condition — Kara comes, too. Enter the most awkward third-wheel coffee date ever. But hey, Kara’s a good therapist. (Seriously. Can she be my therapist? I mean, I have one, but I could use another.) Cat starts to break down her walls and show her feelings by admitting that she feels bad she never got to experience his childhood with him. And hey, turns out that being genuine actually gets you somewhere! Adam says he missed her also, and Kara slips away while the two continue to make slow amends.

Back at the DEO, Hank is examining a piece of the White Martian that Alex shot off. He’s got big plans: He’s going to track the tissue, fight it, and kill it. Alex is against this idea and thinks they should focus on more important things, like finding the real senator, who is probably in danger. Hank manages to find the White Martian’s lair with his mind, leading the DEO team into the sewer. Alex follows what sounds like cries for help, but she’s fooled by Crane yet again. While Hank finds the real Sen. Crane, the White Martian attacks Alex and kidnaps her.

Hank wants to go find the White Martian alone because he plans to let her kill him. He’ll help Alex, and then join his people because suicide missions are the way to go. Kara’s not on board with this idea at all and tries to talk him out of it, reminding him that “dying’s easier than giving up on the world.” When Hank shows up to face off, he simply surrenders, ready to have the White Martian kill him. Kara shows up to fight, and the three engage in a pretty epic alien throwdown until Crane is bested. As J’onn, he puts a pair of Kryptonite handcuffs on Kara so she can’t stop him from killing the White Martian, after all, but Kara manages to stop him from murder. They put the White Martian in a cage, instead. Back at the DEO, Hank tells Alex and Kara his daughters would be proud to have them as sisters — cue all the weepy tears.

The real Sen. Crane gives another press conference about her revised stance on aliens, following her rescue by Supergirl. And in better news, Adam decides he wants to stay around a little bit longer. (We want him to stay around a little bit longer, too.) He wants to do lunch with Cat, but he also wants to do Korean BBQ with Kara, which I have to admit I am attracted to.

Back at home, Kara and Alex are having a sister chat over ice cream and blankets, which, let’s be real, is also my kind of date. Kara opens up about Adam asking her out, but their chat is interrupted once again by those pesky real life things — though this one is a little stranger than most because there’s a news report of Supergirl picking up a car dangling from a bridge…and throwing it away instead of saving it.