Lucifer Recap 102: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

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LUCIFER | 102 LUCIFER, STAY. GOOD DEVIL | 2.1.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

This week we start with Lucifer on his way to his therapists when he confronts an end-of-days evangelist. The preacher, an unbeliever, soon changes his mind when Lucifer transforms into the red face devil he truly is. The money goes flying, and the scammer runs off.

Later during a session with Linda, Lucifer announces he is cured of his issues and no longer feels for the humans around him. Linda isn’t buying it and thinks he doesn’t want to confront the fact that there might just be a specific person who is causing this change. Then she states the session is over and jumps Lucifer.

That night at LUX Chloe tries to go undercover to find out more about Lucifer and what happened during the shootout with Jimmy, only to be discovered and bought a drink by Lucifer. Chloe asks him again what happened, but Lucifer tells her he’s told her, but she’s unwilling to believe it. As they argue Chloe gets a call and from her ex, Dan, and is off to a crime scene.

At the scene a famous actors son is dead, apparently by a paparazzo named Nick, who Chloe has had run-ins with before during her High School Hot Tub days. She wants to investigate, but Dan tells her she can’t since she’s still on leave, but maybe her sidekick can help. To Chloe’s dismay, Lucifer has followed her and is ready to help. He pulls Nick from the car and uses his give of compulsion to get him to talk. Nick says he’s guilty, and he deserves to go to jail, but Chloe and Lucifer can tell he’s protecting someone. Dan interrupts Lucifer’s questioning and tells Chloe to go home before she gets into trouble. She insists that Nick didn’t do it, and Dan agrees to keep digging.

While Chloe and Dan talk, Lucifer finds a joint in Nick’s car and lights up. Chloe asks him where he got it, and he said he found it. Chloe thinks it strange since Nick didn’t seem high, and concludes someone else was indeed there.

That night Lucifer is visited by Amenadiel again and asked to return to Hell. He warns he should go now because Chloe is starting to change his life, and he has no control—for once in his life. Lucifer denies it and Amenadiel leaves, but Lucifer is troubled. So to try and make sense of Chloe’s inability to succumb to his powers Lucifer shows up at her house uninvited. She’s not happy to see him and soon rushes him out and locks the door behind him.

Not getting anywhere with Chloe, Lucifer decides to try a different angle and goes to the police station where Nick is being held. He asks Nick to tell him all about Chloe. Nick confesses he wanted to be the first to get a picture of Chloe at her father’s funeral at crashes it. He wants to say more, but no matter how hard Lucifer pushes him he won’t talk.

Chloe goes to the father of the dead boy and finds out there was another paparazzo, other than Nick, who was always trying to get pictures of him and his son. Confirming what Chloe already thought. Nick is covering for someone.

At LUX, Mazi chastises Lucifer for getting involved with Chloe, and it brings out his devil side as Lucifer’s eyes glow red. But Chloe shows up, and it disappears to Mazi’s dismay. Chloe starts yelling at him too, but for going to see Nick. Though she wants to know what Nick said. They decide to try and find the other paparazzo and head for an event where the paparazzi will be. When they recognize someone from the murder scene, the photographer points out Chloe, and she’s mobbed giving him time to get away.

Having done some digging, Dan comes up with a name, Josh, the paparazzo who ran from them, and Lucifer and Chloe find him stalking another celebrity. They find a joint in his car, and Josh admits he needs it for his nerves. Lucifer asks him what he really wants, and Josh says ‘to always be first’ and then gets a picture of the celebrity getting slapped. Lucifer and Chloe realize that Josh set up the picture, and this isn’t the first time, but if he set up the murder then don’t know.

Chloe goes to Nick and asks about the Josh. Nick admits the crash was a setup, but no one was supposed to get hurt. Chloe pressures Nick to testify against Josh, to stop him before he can hurt anyone else.

Mazi tells Lucifer he should be the one to dole out the appropriate punishment for Josh and Nick, and he agrees. So while Lucifer breaks Nick from jail, Mazi kidnaps Josh. She puts a gun in front each of them and Lucifer taunts them until he gets Josh to pick up the gun and shoot his mentor. Lucifer summons Amenadiel and time slows causing the bullet to be suspended in mid-air. While Lucifer admits to Amenadiel that he is changing, he kicks Josh in the groin and plucks the bullet from the air. “You summoned me hear for that?” Amenadiel asks and Lucifer with his devilish smile says it was killing two birds with one pray. Annoy him and stop the bullet.

When times resumes, Chloe is confused about what happened, again. She knows Josh shot at Nick and that Lucifer was not standing behind her. He reminds her that he’s already told her the truth about himself.

Later, Chloe tells Trixie about her time as an actress and High School Hot Tub, but Trixie already knows from having watched it on the Internet and thought it was hilarious.

Finally, Lucifer is in bed with Linda and is happy about the changes occurring in his life. Chloe visits Jimmy still looking for answers. Jimmy is unresponsive until Chloe brings up Lucifer. The name sets him off, and he starts to beat his head on the glass window between them shouting, “He’s the devil,” as he gets restrained by two hospital attendants.