Lucifer Recap 103: The Would-be Prince of Darkness

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103 THE WOULD-BE PRINCE OF DARKNESS | 02.08.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

A girl stands on the edge of a building looking down and crying when Lucifer shows up urging her to jump. She hesitates and then jumps, not to her death, but into a swimming pool at a high profile Hollywood party. Lucifer mingles a bit and ends up talking to the host of the party, star quarterback Ty. What Lucifer finds out, using his power of persuasion, is that Ty is a virgin, but would like to change that. So Lucifer points him in the direction of a girl who is more than willing to help.

The next morning Chloe is at home researching hypnotism in hopes of trying to figure out Lucifer’s abilities when she gets a call from the devil himself. Chloe shows up at Ty’s house and finds the girl Ty slept with dead in the swimming pool. Through her powers of investigation, Chloe figures out the girl’s name is Ali and was an aspiring actress. Lucifer finds Ali’s phone and is watching the sex tape she made with Ty when Chloe catches him, and jumps to the conclusion Ty killed Ali.

After trying unsuccessfully to convince Chloe, Ty is not Ali’s murderer Lucifer returns to LUX and talks to Mazi. To Lucifer’s dismay, but Mazi’s delight he finds out there is someone parading around LA pretending to be Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer takes his problem to his shrink, Linda, and she tells him that he is displacing his anger for punishing the guilty and needs to find out who killed Ali.

Having looked deeper into Ali’s phone, Chloe found that not long before Ali slept with Ty, she got a call from Ty’s agent, Joe. Lucifer and Chloe go to talk to Joe and find out Ty has a crazy ex-girlfriend, Debra and he has a restraining order against her. Following the lead, Lucifer and Chloe proceed to talk to Debra, who tells them to leave her alone. Debra is just about to her car when it blows up. After the paramedics show up Chloe points out, the bomb was meant to scare, not kill her, and Debra admits she thought they were there to arrest her for going against the restraining order. Debra admits she was at the party and saw Ty kissing Ali, but didn’t kill her. When asked where she was during the time of the murder Debra says at the only place that makes her feel good. We then see Chloe and Dan, Chloe’s ex-husband and fellow detective, checking out a surveillance tape of Debra eating frozen yogurt and crying for three hours at a locale shop.

Dan tells Chloe there might be a lead as to who blew up the car, and says they have a video of Ronnie, a Hollywood ‘fixer’ leaving the scene. Dan admits to trying to bring her down before, but Ronnie can spot a cop a mile away. They devise a plan to have Lucifer met with Ronnie and then point her toward Dan. Once she has agreed to help Dan they will arrest her. But when the time comes Lucifer changes the plan when Ronnie offers to catch the person imitating Lucifer himself.

Not long after, Lucifer, Mazi, and Ronnie gather at LUX around the would-be prince of darkness as Lucifer calls him. Removing the bag, Lucifer is appalled that people would actually think the guy could be mistaken for him. As Lucifer taunts the man Mazi says it’s like he’s taunting himself. Lucifer lets the guy go realizing he’s taking it a little to far, allowing Chloe and Dan to arrest Ronnie. Before they take Ronie away, she tells them Joe hired her, and Debra is the murderer.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Joe’s office where he is in a meeting with Ty and several others. They say they have more questions for Ty, which is a trick, and Joe ends up admitting he was at the party and killed Ali. Lucifer gets angry and with his immortal strength throws Joe through a window, but before he can do anything more Chloe stops him.

At the end, Lucifer is with Linda, and she points out people come to LA to re-invent themselves and thinks that’s what he’s doing. He likes seeking justice for the innocent by punishing the wicked. And Chloe watches the tape of Lucifer throwing Joe through the window, which only adds to her questions.