[Book] Lethbridge-Stewart: Moon Blink

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About the Book

July 1969, and mankind is on the Moon. Both the United States and Soviet Russia have lunar bases, and both are in trouble.

Back on Earth, Anne Travers has learned she is about to be visited by an old friend from America, Doctor Patricia Richards. Lance Corporal Bill Bishop is aware of the visit, and is on hand to meet Richards.

She brings with her a surprise, one which the Americans and Russians wish to get their hands on. But the only man who can truly help Anne, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, is away in Scotland.

It’s a game of cat and mouse, as Anne and Bishop seek to protect the life of an innocent baby –
one that holds the secrets to life on the Moon.

The book features a cover from Adrian Salmon, who also provided the artwork for last year’s The Schizoid Earth and Mutually Assured Domination. Salmon said: It was an honour to be chosen to draw Sadie’s cover for Moon Blink. We went for something emblematic echoing the great Target covers of yore. I ended up sending two colour versions which Shaun brilliantly combined to make the final cover.

Written by Sadie Miller


Publisher: Candy Jar Books (April 21, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0993519202
ISBN-13: 978-0993519208

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