Lucifer Recap 104: Manly Whatnots

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104 Manly Whatnots | 02.15.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

We start in a hot, steamy shower where Chloe is still trying to make sense of all she’s seen Lucifer do. Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears something. Grabbing a towel and her gun she sneaks out to find Lucifer making her breakfast. In her flustered state Chloe drops her towel to Lucifer’s delight. She barely gets the towel back on before Dan shows up with Trixie. Of course he thinks Lucifer and Chloe are sleeping together and leaves saying he’s disappointed in her.

Lucifer upset Chloe has rejected him goes to Linda, barging in on a session already in progress. When they are alone, Linda tells Lucifer he needs to regain his power and not to allow anyone to have control over him. Which he thinks means getting Chloe into bed.

Dan returns and Chloe tells him if he wants to lecture her he should just go, but he has a case. A young woman named Lindsay has gone missing after meeting with a pick-up artist group. He tells Chloe the leader is having an exclusive party, and Lucifer is on the guest list. Chloe talks to Lucifer, but he plays hard to get in hopes of getting her to give in to him. She tells him she will never sleep with him, but Lucifer agrees to go to the party anyway.

At the party, Lucifer and Chloe meet Lindsay’s brother who thinks Carver, the leader of the group has killed her. They tell him to leave, and they will take care of it. During Carver’s presentation, Lucifer makes a scene and lets it slip that Chloe is a cop. They are immediately thrown out, but Chloe comes up with another way to get into the next party.

At LUX Mazi gets a visit from Amendiel and greets him by throwing a dagger at him. He slows time, and it misses. She tries again, and a fight breaks out, but Amendiel being an angel is no match for demon Mazi. Amendiel pins her to a wall and tells her he wants her help, but Mazi refuses saying Lucifer is just going through a phase. She licks Amendiel on the cheek, and he seems alarmed by what he feels.

Chloe arrives at LUX having convinced Lucifer to get Carver to have the after party there but finds Lucifer naked. He says he’s only paying her back and though she sneaks a few peeks tells him to put his clothes on. When Lucifer turns around to show her what she’s missing, Chloe sees where his wings had once been and wants to know what happened, reaching for the scars. Lucifer grabs her hand and retreats to get dressed.

During the after party Carver sees Chloe and pulls a gun to try and escape, but with Lucifer’s help, they can pull him aside. They find out that Lindsay is Carver’s girlfriend, and he’s trying to save her. The kidnappers are holding her for ransom.

Using Carver’s phone Lucifer calls the kidnappers and negotiates a time and place for the exchange. Waiting outside the warehouse, Chloe uses the opportunity to ask Lucifer some questions. He tells her he doesn’t feel pain and gunshots are nothing more than a nuance. Their chat is cut short when they see Carver entering the building even though he was told to stay away. Lucifer follows him in and locks Chloe out since that was the deal with the kidnappers.

Carver and Lucifer find the kidnapper, but finds out Lindsay and her brother set up the whole thing to get revenge on Carver. Apparently a few years earlier he had slept with Lindsay and then left, so now Lindsay thinks taking his money and killing him is just punishment. However, Lucifer doesn’t and scares her by showing his true face. Having found a way in Chloe defuses the situation, but sees Lucifer’s reflection.

Chloe is scared and shocked and wants to know what he is. He tells her again he’s the devil and to prove it she should shoot him. He continues to goad her until Chloe sends a bullet into Lucifer’s leg. But to his surprise, it hurts, a lot, and he’s bleeding. The police show up, and a little while later Chloe finds Lucifer talking to her boss. Using his ‘gift’ Lucifer has charmed Chloe’s boss into thinking Chloe saved the day and everything is okay.

Chloe gives Lucifer a ride back to LUX where Mazi is waiting for him. She wants to return to Hell, but Lucifer refuses saying things are just getting interesting.