Lucifer Recap 105: Sweet Kicks

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105 Sweet Kicks | 02.22.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

This week we start at a fashion show where Lucifer and Mazi are in the front row. Things get interesting when the design, Benny, comes out to take his bows and gunshots break out, in the chaos to get out a girl is trampled.

Chloe is assigned to the case, but Dan wants her to be careful especially after her recent dangerous with Lucifer. Chloe tells Dan that Lucifer is out of her life only to find the Devil waiting for her.

When Chloe questions Lucifer as to why he’s there, he says he’s there to talk to her boss. He wants to explore his mortality and thinks helping on the case would be a good way to go about it. During his meeting, Lucifer uses his power and finds out the lieutenant wants to be chief of police but needs the minority vote. Lucifer promises to help her get what she wants if she helps him, and the deal is done.

Ready to get started Lucifer informs Chloe that Benny ‘owes him’ a favor. Though Benny doesn’t want to snitch, he gives up a few names of who could be behind the shooting. Some gang members who wanted into his show but couldn’t because it was at-capacity. After the questioning, Lucifer thinks he and Chloe should celebrate. They end up at a cop bar where Chloe is unwelcome because of a case where she was the snitch. One of the officer’s makes a snide comment to Chloe and Lucifer gives him a right hook, breaking his nose.

In the meantime, Mazi meets with Amendiel and tells him she wants to go back to Hell. Amendiel is willing to help but needs some information on Lucifer first. Mazi admits that he doesn’t confide in her anymore, but he does see a doctor. Pretending to be a fellow doctor who just moved in, Amendiel meets Linda and ‘persuades’ her to have a drink with him so they can talk about their patiences.

Following up on their lead from Benny, Lucifer and Chloe go to their home only to find out that the dead girl was one of the gang member’s cousin. The two gang bangers claim they had nothing to do with it, and that it was probably Yellow Viper. An ex-friend of Benny’s who took the fall for Benny long ago and ended up doing five years in prison. As Chloe and Lucifer are about to leave Chloe gets a call from Benny saying someone else is dead.

Arriving at Benny’s house they find blood on the floor, but Lucifer can tell its not human and poor Pig-Diddy, Benny’s pet pig, has been murdered.

Next Chloe and Lucifer go to the community center where Yellow Viper is teaching some teens about art. Viper isn’t interested in talking to them and tells them to leave. As Chloe and Lucifer turn to leave three cars show up and several gang bangers, headed by the two who told them about Viper get out. Now caught in a sticky situation Lucifer distracts the bangers while Viper and the teens can escape, but then they turn on Lucifer. Just then the lights go out, and all you see is Mazi’s shadow from the cars taking out the gang members.

The police arrive and arrest the gang along with Viper, who had a gun in his bag matching the description of the gun used at the fashion show. On the way to the station, Lucifer talks to Viper and finds out all he wants to do is art. And if he wanted Benny dead he wouldn’t have missed. This sparks a memory for Chloe, and they go back to Benny’s.

Benny is confronted by Viper saying he wanted him back in jail because he’s a better artiest them Benny and he was threatened, even killing his own pig to set him up. Chloe adds that she remembers seeing Benny’s bodyguard sporting a marine tattoo and is a marksman. The Bodyguard admits Benny made him do saying he would make him a part. Benny is arrested, but not before Lucifer gets him good with his Devil face.

Back at LUX, Lucifer tells Mazi her job is to protect him, and she agrees she will “whether he sees it coming or not.”

In the final scene, we see Chloe at home sleeping and Mazi creeps in and watches her. When Chloe wakes, Mazi is gone.

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