Lucifer Recap 106: Favorite Son

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106 Favorite Son | 02.29.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

We start this week with Lucifer performing “Sinner Man” at LUX. While he sings and plays the piano, a security guard is murdered, and a shipping container belonging to Lucifer is stolen. At the end of the night, Mazi brings Lucifer two girls and herself as an after, after party, but turns them down to help Chloe on a new case. When he arrives at the scene, he finds the murder/burglary boring and leaves Chloe to handle it on her own.

Returning to LUX, Lucifer is still hoping Mazi’s previous offer still stands, until she informs him that the container that was stolen belonged to him. Lucifer returns to the scene and tells Chloe he’s had a change of heart since what was stolen was his. Chloe asks what was in it, but Lucifer won’t tell her. Chloe questions what Lucifer is up to since the warehouse is known for housing contraband.

Chloe is confused when she and Lucifer visit an ice cream truck, and Lucifer pulls the owner out of the truck. Lucifer gets the guy to admit he runs the warehouse but has no idea who took the container. He does say that a biker gang controls the docks, and they would know. Since Lucifer won’t confide in her, Chloe decides not to allow him to work on the case with her calling it a conflict of interest.

Chloe calls Dan and asks him to look into LUX and see what Lucifer is hiding. At LUX Mazi tries to seduce Dan, but when he doesn’t take the bait, she knocks him out. Dan wakes naked and in Chloe’s bed just as she and Trixie are about to walk in. He hides in Trixie’s room, but she soon finds him, and he asks for her to sneak him out of the house. She wants to know what’s in it for her and negotiates chocolate cake for a year. When Dan arrives back at LUX, Mazi gives him the books only to find out later that they’re clean.

Upset at being kicked off the case, Lucifer goes and sees Linda. She pushes him to on his true identity, and he gets mad and leaves. Soon after Amendiel shows up, having ‘accidentally’ heard her conversation and offers Linda some doctor-to-doctor advice. Saying he spent two years in the seminary before changing his mind and knows a lot about the Bible, and can give her some insight on how to deal with Lucifer.

Having apologized to Chloe, Lucifer is allowed back on the case, and they go to the biker bar where the leader of the docks works. Lucifer charges in demanding to know who stole from him. The leader emerges, and they take their meeting to a private office. Using his power, Lucifer finds out that leader wants to go clean and start a biker clothing line. But when Chloe shows him a picture of the mark left on the body she can tell he knows who the murderer is.

Using her detective know how Chloe and Lucifer wait outside for the leader to leave, stating he doesn’t want anyone to get in the way of his clothing line. Lucifer thinks it’s a waste of time, but soon the leader leaves and they follow him to his destination. While they wait Chloe tells Lucifer she likes working with him, but if he can’t be honest with her then she’s led to believe he’s a criminal. Lucifer promises never to lie to her and reveals what is in the container—Russian dolls. Their conversation is interrupted with another biker shows up. They argue, the leader is shot, and the other rides away. Chloe runs to the downed leader while Lucifer follows the biker in her car. They end up at the warehouse where Lucifer chases him to the roof. Now in a backup police car, Chloe tracks her way to Lucifer. On the roof, the shooter confides that he saw what was in the container and Lucifer’s eyes shine red. He asks whom he is working for, but the biker pleads for his life. Lucifer morphs into his devil face and the biker jumps from the roof.

Back on the ground, Chloe tells Lucifer the leader survived and made a statement. The biker who jumped was the murderer, and Lucifer’s container was recovered, but she hasn’t looked inside and hands him a pair of bolt cutters. She follows him into the container to find a box with Russian dolls inside, and Chloe leaves happy. Once alone Lucifer opens a secret door to find what he really was hiding gone.

Lucifer returns to Linda where she presses him some more on his identity, now armed with some knowledge of the Bible. Thinking she’s playing into his game, she tells Lucifer his father gave him a gift, saying he was his father’s favorite son. Lucifer is getting agitated the more she talks, and soon reaches his limit and punches the wall and storms out.

In the final scene, Lucifer tells Mazi that someone has them, referring to what was stolen. And in an identified location we see his wings.

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