Lucifer Recap 107: Wingman

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107 Wingman | 03.07.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

We start this episode at LUX where Maz seduces then tortures a man for information on the whereabouts of Lucifer’s wings. This is the fifth guy this week, and they still have no answers, so Lucifer decides to get help.

At the station, Chloe is having a bad day of her own as she continues to get dirty looks from her fellow officer’ s due to the shooting of who she thinks is a corrupt cop. Dan tells her that the cop, who’s been on life support, is about to die when his wife has his plug pulled. He asks Chloe to drop the case for the family’s sake. Chloe agrees to focus on the case for 24 hours and then let it go if she can’t find anything.

Lucifer arrives at Chloe’s house to find her pouring over pictures from the case and asks what she does when she hits a wall. She says she looks for a fresh pair of eyes and is about to ask Lucifer for his help, but he’s gone.

At the beach, Lucifer meets with Amendiel and asks for his assistance. Amendiel tells Lucifer he can find them on his own since he wanted his free will and accountability so badly. Having been shut down by his brother, Lucifer returns to Chloe’s to find she’s turned to Dan for help, and reluctantly Lucifer agrees to work with them.

The threesome reenact the scene the way Chloe remembers it, and still have no new insights as to what could have happened. Dan gets a call and tells Chloe there was a hit on the ‘angel wings’. A charity auction focusing on religious relics is happening that night, but since most of the items have been stolen the FBI is scheduled to raid it. Lucifer goes to the auction, and Amendiel shows up apparently having had a change of heart. They gain access to the auction by flashing Lucifer’s devil coin. However when they meet the auctioneer Amendiel’s threats aren’t convincing since Lucifer is now mortal and has to be careful of getting shot. So they are forced to bid on the wings like everyone else.

Waiting for the auction to start, Amendiel points out to Lucifer that since he is mortal if he dies he will go straight back to Hell if he wants to or not. Chloe shows up and Lucifer introduces her to Amendiel, who she thinks is charming. Just as the wings are brought out the FBI bust in, but Amendiel slows time so Lucifer can retrieve the wings, but to his surprise they’re fake.

Chloe returns to the corruption case with Dan and finds a hidden door they missed the first time. They follow the tunnel and find a key that is LAPD issued meaning there was another cop there that night.

Lucifer tracks down the auctioneer and finds his wings mounted on his wall. He asks how he knew what they were.

Sitting on the beach with his wings, Lucifer gets another visit from Amendiel, who asks if he’s ready to return to Hell when Lucifer literally sets his wings on fire. Lucifer confronts Amendiel about orchestrating having his wings stolen to persuade him to go back to Hell, which he will now never do. They get into a fight, but Amendiel backs down, but before he leaves tells Lucifer he will do whatever it takes to get him back to where he belongs.

Chloe goes to the suspected corrupt cops wake and declares him a hero and that she is putting the case to bed. Dan pulls her aside, and Chloe confides that if they’re going to find a dirty cop, it’s best no one knows they’re looking.

In the final scenes, we see Lucifer at LUX where he apologizes to Maz for condemning her to Earth, but she vows to stay with him until the end. Chloe shows up, and they make up, but really don’t say anything about their cases. The cop’s wife has the plug pulled only to find that he doesn’t die, and we see Amendiel walking away from the hospital room.

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