Lucifer Recap 108: Et Tu, Doctor?

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108 ET TU DOCTOR? | 3.14.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media Group

Having burned his wings, Lucifer throws himself a birthday party or re-birthday party as he calls it. Chloe shows up and brings Dan, but they don’t stay long because they have another party to go to. The police are giving Malcolm (the cop Chloe thought was corrupt and came back from the dead with Amendiel’s help) a welcome back party.

Not understanding what he is feeling Lucifer goes to see Linda, who tells him he’s jealous. Lucifer gets upset with this and wants to get to the bottom of what Chloe sees in Dan, and why they split up to begin with.

A “cheater therapist” (a doctor who encourages couples with material problems to cheat) has been murdered, and Lucifer is on the scene with Chloe. Unfortunately, with out a court appointed therapist the police cannot go through the doctor’s files. Seeing this as an opportunity, Lucifer gets Linda appointed after sleeping with the judge to get her to sign off on Linda.

While going through files Lucifer uses his “charm” to get Linda to agree to help him with Chloe, but when Chloe shows up, she isn’t happy with Lucifer getting Linda appointed. While they argue Linda interrupts telling them she found something. An angry patient named Richard, who sent death threats after his wife left him.

On the way to talk to Richard, Chloe reveals that she left Dan because he kept putting his career first, but recently things have changed and he’s making an effort. When they arrive at Richard’s office building, he is on the roof getting ready to jump. Lucifer is immediately by his side asking him about jealousy. Come to find out, Richard isn’t angry or jealous, but sad at the doctor’s death. After their talk, Richard decides not to jump and when back on the ground tells Chloe and Lucifer about his friendship with the doctor and his wife, who he only saw a couple of days ago, which negates her alibi of being in Phoenix.

Linda arrives at Lux and quickly meets and analyzes Maz telling her she feels like she doesn’t have control over her life. Chloe shows up to discuss the case with Lucifer and Linda but gets a call from the station saying she has to meet Dan. She goes running off, and Lucifer is upset.

When Chloe arrives home it’s not Dan waiting for her but Malcolm. He tells Chloe they are on the same side, and he thinks a cop shot him just like Chloe does.

On the way to talk to Sandy, the deceased doctor’s wife, Linda realizes Lucifer’s problem with Chloe is worse than she thought and tells him so. When talking to Sandy, Lucifer gets her to admit she lied about her alibi stating she was really gathering horse poop to throw at her husband’s mistress. Since no one can confirm this allegation, Sandy is arrested.
Lucifer interrupts a grief session lead by Dr. Medina, the deceased doctor’s confidant, and turns it to be all about him. He tells them everything about his wings and then gets Dr. Medina to admit he killed the doctor because he was in love with Sandy.

With the case closed, Chloe tells Lucifer about Malcolm and how she originally tracked him the night he was shot by using his police GPS, which is used by partners in case of an emergency. Chloe realizes that Malcolm’s partner, Tony, who was the one giving Chloe a hard time about the case from the beginning, could have done the same thing. They find track Tony’s car to the cop bar, and when they go in, find him dead from an apparent suicide.

Chloe finds a suicide note confessing that he was corrupt and couldn’t life with the guilt any longer.

Lucifer goes to see Linda to “pay” her but is shocked when she tells him she no longer thinks it appropriate that they sleep together. Lucifer asks her about Dr. Canaan across the hall and realizes that it’s Amendiel keeping tabs on him, and using Linda to do it.

Things are heating up between Dan and Chloe as they share a kiss, but Dan gets a text and has to go. We see Dan meeting with Malcolm, who confronts Dan about being the corrupt cop all along. Now Malcolm is seeking revenge through blackmail, going as far as killing Tony and leaving the suicide note.

In the final scene, we see Lucifer arriving at Lux and confronting Maz about Amendiel knowing about Linda. Maz defends herself saying she will always protect him, but Lucifer tells them they’re done.

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