Lucifer Recap 110: Pops

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LUCIFER | 110 POPS | 3.28.16 | Recap by Lori Carpenter for Chicago Sci-Fi Media
We start this episode at a grocery store were a local chef famous for his Mexican cooking, has dropped dead from poising. The timing indicates he was eating breakfast at his restaurant, which puts all of his employees as potential suspects. As Lucifer and Chloe interview each employee one by one they soon find out that everyone loved him and affectionately called him ‘Pops.’ The investigation is interrupted when Penelope Decker, Chloe’s mom shows up and invites her and Lucifer to a family dinner.

Back to the questioning, they find out that though everyone loved Pops, he had a temper and offer threw things. But when Junior, Pops’ son, is interviewed it’s revealed that the two were estranged. Lucifer finds out the one thing Junior wanted was to be alone with his father. The sous chef, Anne was destined to inherit the restaurant, but while talking to Lucifer and Chloe, she becomes sick and vomits blood all over Lucifer.

Across town, Maz is meeting with Dr. Linda. She says she wants to be more normal and fit in. Linda suggests she make some friends, but Maz isn’t happy with that and leaves.

While on patrol, Dan asks Malcolm what he wanted with the gun he took from evidence for. Dan admits he’s going to kill Lucifer, but can’t tell him why. Continuing at the restaurant, the sous chef is taken away, and Chloe assumes she was poisoned like Pops, but can’t understand who would have done it. Dan shows up and has found an ex employee who was fired and could be a potential suspect. Before leaving, Chloe invites him to the family dinner.

At the ex employee’s apartment Lucifer breaks in, but soon the owner shows up and explains all she wanted to do was make amends with Chef Javier for Juniors sake. Lucifer is convinced that Junior is guilty.

Chloe gets an emergency call and leaves Lucifer to find his own way home. When Chloe arrives home, she finds Penelope getting Trixie ready for her first audition. Chloe is furious and while they argue Trixie disappears. Going to the one person who makes her laugh, Trixie ends up at Lux where she talks to Maz since Lucifer isn’t there. Trixie tells Maz she doesn’t like when people fight over her. Chloe shows up to take Trixie home, and Trixie explains she was making a new friend in Maz, which makes Maz feel good.

Lucifer isn’t at Lux because he’s waiting to catch Junior, but is disappointed when he figures out Junior didn’t kill his father. So Lucifer takes Junior to Chloe’s house were together they make dinner. As everyone gathers around the table, Chloe is worried the food is poisoned, and everyone starts to fight. They are interrupted when Junior starts to laugh and tells them they are acting like he and his father used to. His speech is enough to convince Chloe of his innocence, but wanting to get away Dan takes Junior to the station to get his statement.

With Junior no longer a suspect, Chloe turns her attention to Anne. With Junior back in town, it could be that she feared she would no longer inherit the restaurant. Chloe and Lucifer find Anne at the restaurant and confront her about wanting to kill Junior, but since he became a vegan Javier had eaten the poisoned food by mistake. Anne sets the restaurant on fire and escapes. Lucifer gets Chloe out but not before she was able to get the proof that Anne was behind the poisoning. Junior shows up, and Chloe tells him that he was supposed to inherit the restaurant, which he plans on rebuilding, and make it his own.

Maz returns to Linda and tells her she made a friend, and Linda is happy for her. Chloe gets home to find that her mom will be leaving in the morning, and they reconcile. Dan meets with Malcolm telling him he can’t let him kill Lucifer, even if that means he goes down with Malcolm. They fight and Dan gets strangled unconscious. Dan gets a text from Chloe and Malcolm texts her back breaking up with her.

Chloe shows up at Lux, drunk, upset that Dan broke up with her via text. Lucifer consoles her, and when Chloe tries to kiss him, he won’t let her, which leaves him shocked. Then Chloe passes out in his arms.

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