[Comic] Wonder Woman ’77 • Vol 04

After narrowly escaping Wonder Woman (and the law) once before, Gault (actually his disembodied brain!) plots revenge…and seeks a new body to house his evil! Plus, “Worlds Collide” when a tape full of government secrets gets swapped for some excellent Super Funk! We peek at “The Man Behind the Curtain” when a dictator tries to fulfill his daughter’s final wish. And in “Seeing Stars,” Wonder Woman proves herself not a just the protector of Earth…but of the universe.

Publisher | DC Comics
Writer | Marc Andreyko, Amy Chu, Trina Robbins and Amanda Deibert
Artist | Tom Derenick, Dario Brizuela, Tess Fowler and Christian Duce
Cover Artist | Cat Staggs
Pages | 80 pages
Release Date | 09-21-2016

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