[DVD] Once Upon A Time • Season 5

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Darkness and Light. One conceals, the other reveals, but each is infinitely seductive. Prepare for the ultimate battle between these epic opposing forces in ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON. When the Savior becomes the “Dark Swan,” the lines between good and evil blur as Emma begins to relish the intoxicating taste of absolute power. Terrified she’ll succumb, Emma and Hook visit Camelot to find the one person who may be able to aid them: Merlin. Unfortunately, King Arthur proves treacherous, and when he joins forces with a vengeful Zelena, Emma and Hook’s hopes are shattered. Now Emma and her entire Storybrooke family must embark on a chilling descent to the Underworld of Hades, where they’ll try to rescue Hook from a fate worse than death… with “help” from Rumplestiltskin. But will any of them survive the journey? Treat yourself to all 23 riveting episodes of Season 5. Plus, indulge your senses with never-before-seen bonus features as you share the romance, relive the magic and unlock the secrets of ONCE UPON A TIME.

BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE (DVD version may vary. Check packaging):

• Merida In Storybrooke — Spirited, independent Merida comes to life in ONCE UPON A TIME. Go behind the scenes with actor Amy Manson and learn what it takes to step into the role, how she identifies with her character, and why Merida, Mulan and Ruby work so perfectly togethe

• Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella — At the end of the season, Cruella De Vil was left behind in the Underworld, her fate unknown… until now. Return to the Underworld to discover what happens when the fur-loving Queen of Darkness meets an all-new characte

• ONCE Celebrates One Hundred
• The Fairest Bloopers Of Them All
• Deleted Scenes
• Audio Commentaries

Released: 8.16.16

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