[Arrow] More Grounded This Year

TV Guide | Damian Holbrook | Returns October 5, 2016

AFTER A YEAR of magical baddies, exorcisms and ape-shifters, “Arrow feels more grounded again,” says star Stephen Amell. “As much as a comic book show can be grounded.” And if anyone would know about that, it’s the straight shooter who’s heading into his fifth season as the titular crime fighter and his alter ego, Oliver Queen. 

How is Oliver adjusting to his role as the new mayor of Star City?

Oliver is a little disillusioned with being the mayor and is basically using the job to get intel to act as the Green Arrow. Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is in the bunker running point. Diggle [David Ramsey] is gone, Thea [Willa Holland] is gone, Laurel [Katie Cassidy] is gone. He’s solo and overworked. 

Well, Star City is a mess.

[Laughs] There’s so much corruption within the SCPD. We deal with Chad Coleman’s character, Tobias Church, this drug kingpin who’s utilizing all the holes in the police department to stay ahead of the team. 

Echo Kellum is now a series regular whose tech guru Curtis is becoming the DC Comics hero Mr. Terrific. Who else is on Green Arrow’s squad?

We have Madison McLaughlin back as Artemis, Rick Gonzalez as Renee Ramirez [aka Wild Dog] and a mystery guest…a new character that has been [brought in]. 

What can you tell us about this season’s villain, Prometheus?

We start to unravel some of that mystery in Episode 6, but for the time being, we just know that he’s a guy who’s using lethal force. And he looks, conveniently, like a very evil version of my character. 

This year’s theme—and the title of the premiere—is “Legacy,” which is fitting, since you’re the O.G. of The CW heroes.

It’s really cool. What The CW has accomplished, having four shows on four nights, is something to behold. It is cool being the first one. We’re not the biggest property [compared to] The Flash and Supergirl within the DC Comics canon, but our success gave [executive producers] Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg the chance to develop more. I hope we can look back at this era of DC television and be very, very proud. 

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