[CD] Star Trek Enterprise • Volume 2

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La-La Land Records and CBS proudly present the second volume of the original television soundtrack to STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, starring Scott Bakula, John Billingsley and Jolene Blalock. Continuing in the fine musical tradition of the acclaimed first volume of music from this celebrated series, this all-new, jam-packed 4-CD collection further illustrates the striking talent of the notable composers who lent their musical voice to this sector of the STAR TREK universe. It is the stirring music of the heart, of science, of drama and of action – the human experience that is STAR TREK. Disc One features the music of Dennis McCarthy, Disc Two highlights Jay Chattaway’s work, while Disc Three’s “Veterans” showcases a variety of fan favorite composers as does Disc Four’s “New Recruits.” Episodes such Cogenitor, The Xindi, Observer Effect, Divergence and many others are represented across this 4-CD set produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall, and mastered by James Nelson. This special release of 3000 Units showcases a 32-Page Booklet, featuring in-depth notes by writer Jeff Bond, and striking art design by Mark Banning.

Disc One:
Music by Dennis McCarthy
* Music by Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner

Where My Heart Will Take Me
(Main Title, Season Three) (1:21)
Written by Diane Warren
Performed by Russell Watson
Breaking the Ice #008
Archer’s Comet/Comet Chasers (2:03)
The Comet (2:18)
Sleeping Dogs #015
Dive (1:49)
The Communicator #034
Searching/It’s Not There (3:59)
Great Escape (2:52)
Stigma #040
A Promise/Yuris Saves the Day (3:11)
Future Tense #042
Attacked (3:26)
Final Attack (3:10)
Cogenitor #048
Visitor (2:31)
Responsibility (4:16)
The Xindi #053
Recap/Xindi Meeting (2:34)
Escape (3:39)
Doctor’s Orders* #068
Empty Ship (1:28)
Phlox to the Rescue (3:16)
Damage* #071
Bad Dream (3:40)
Hijackers/No Choice (5:36)
Observer Effect* #087
Your Move (1:45)
One Way Nap (3:13)
Hoshi Dies (4:18)
Archer Out of Options (2:31)
More Than Observe/Rules Need to Change (1:06)
The Aenar* #090
Recap – Enterprise 090/Hunt Down Enterprise (2:18)
Telepresence Test Fails (2:31)
Freighter Fight (2:15)
Telepathic Siblings/ Trip Hits the Road (3:10)
Total Time – Disc One: 75:28

Disc Two:
Music by Jay Chattaway

Archer’s Theme
(Bumper Version #1) (0:07)
(Dennis McCarthy)
Fight or Flight #003
Archer Reverses Course (1:20)
Aliens Return/Damn the Torpedoes/Failure to Communicate/Hoshi Gets Through (10:08)
Detained #021
Danik to Isolation (2:23)
Big Bang/Suliban Liberation (3:46)
Carbon Creek #027
Welcome to Carbon Creek/Wearing It Backwards (1:31)
The Hustler (1:55)
Get a Job/Mestral’s Secret Date (1:39)
Glaring Vulcan (2:03)
Vulcan Velcro/Not Enough (3:32)
Anomaly #054
The Sphere (1:20)
E2 #073
Recap/Future T’Pol (1:11)
Enterprise 2/117 Years Early (3:24)
Father Son Talk 2/Reunion (2:29)
Lorian’s Plan/Standoff (4:28)
Joining Forces/Team Enterprise/Subspace Passage/Remembrance (6:26)
Cold Station 12 #081
Lucas Cracks/Stasis Chamber/Soong Escapes (7:40)
Divergence #092
Recap – Enterprise 092 (1:03)
Prepare for Transfer/Trip Transfer (4:15)
Warp Drive Reboot (3:31)
Krell Demands Surrender (3:00)
Krell Attacks/Klingons Disabled/Phlox Fools Krell (6:20)
Thanks for the Help/One Captain (0:44)
Total Time – Disc Two: 75:14

Disc Three: Veterans

Where My Heart Will Take Me
(Bumper #1) (0:07)
(Diane Warren)
Fusion #017 (David Bell)
T’Pol Tells Dream (1:58)
First Dance I Went To (1:50)
Dawn #039 (David Bell)
Trip Crash Lands (1;33)
Trip Tosses Phaser/The Big Fight (4:31)
Trip Reviews Life (2:09)
Leave This System/Glad I Missed (1:22)
The Crossing #044 (Paul Baillargeon)
Enterprise Swallowed (1:04)
Wisps First Contact (4:06)
Wisps Take Trip (2:50)
Wisps Chase Reed/Alien Reed/More Crew Taken (6:39)
They’re Lying to Us (1:15)
Alien Trip Listens In/Phlox Pulls Panel/Trip Fights Phlox/End of Wisps (7:24)
Rajiin #056 (Paul Baillargeon)
Intimate Intruder/Rajiin Captured (5:09)
Chosen Realm #064 (Paul Baillargeon)
Crew Fights Back/Hand to Hand/Final Fight (8:18)
Hatchery #069 (Paul Baillargeon)
Recap/Crashed Ship (1:31)
Endangered Mission (2:37)
Hatching Time (1:37)
Mutiny/Return to Duty (6:40)
The Forgotten #072 (Paul Baillargeon)
Recap/For the 18 (2:16)
Emotions (1:51)
Trip Dreams (1:21)
Reptilian Attack (3:06)
Goodbye Elizabeth (2:27)
Total Time – Disc Three: 74:44

Disc Four: New Recruits

Where My Heart Will Take Me
(Bumper #2) (0:12) (Diane Warren)
Canamar #043 (Brian Tyler)
Shuttlepod Adrift/Start the Investigation/Kuroda Gets Free (2:37)
Pilot Knocked Out/Crew Gets Message (2:15)
Kuroda’s Plan (1:25)
Piece of Cake (3:34)
End of Kuroda (6:17)
The Forge #083 (John Frizzell)
Vulcan Catacombs (1:17)
Rogue Bomb (2:09)
Sandfire/Mindmeld (4:25)
Syrranite Sanctuary (2:25)
Acquisition #019 (Velton Ray Bunch)
Krem & Muk on Board (3:40)
Trip Chased (1:43)
Ferengi Showdown/Seductive Vulcan (5:03)
Vault Scheme/Krem Gets His Ship (4:41)
Exile #058 (Velton Ray Bunch)
The Voice Returns/Alien Garden/Meet Tarquin (4:59)
Space Landing (2:56)
Last Visit (1:01)
The Council #074 (Velton Ray Bunch)
Into the Chamber (4:11)
Armaturi Attack (1:39)
Reprieve (1:34)
End of Degra/News of Degra (1:58)
Weapon Launched (2:31)
Affliction #091 (Velton Ray Bunch)
Bad Medicine (1:00)
Mind Meld Memory (2:39)
T’Pol’s Daydream (2:25)
Klingon Augments (2:47)
Columbia First Flight (2:01)
Warp 5.2 (2:51)
Archer’s Theme (End Credits)
(Dennis McCarthy) /Paramount Studios Logo (Lalo Schifrin)

Total Time – Disc Four: 78:17
Total Time – All Discs: 5:01:42

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