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Lucifer Recap: Lady Parts
By Karen Rought for Hypable

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Lucifer season 2, episode 4, “Lady Parts,” just finished airing, and this week the Devil made it his mission to distract everyone from their problems.

The episode starts off with an epic aerial shot of the Griffith Observatory before everything goes south and a pair of hikers find a dead body. Unperturbed by the morbidity of the situation, Lucifer spends the majority of the episode looking for distractions.

Whether it’s with his new phone or ménage à trois, Luci is looking to forget about his mother and all the headaches she’s been giving him.

But the Lord of Hell is not the only one who needs a few distractions. His mother is not doing well in civilian life, and it’s unclear which she hates more — the casserole or her adopted children. Her husband, at least, can be sated in other ways.

Maze takes some comfort in the idea that Lucifer’s mother is miserable, though she’s disappointed that the goddess won’t return to Hell where the demon can continue to torture her. Maze will just have to get her kicks in other ways.

One of those ways is by making a deal with the Devil. Lucifer is on a mission to get Chloe to loosen up, and who says fun better and louder than Mazikeen? She’s wants the convertible in exchange for getting Chloe to consume three drinks. Easier said than done.

Chloe can’t stop thinking about the double homicide, but when Maze puts her mind to something, she rarely doesn’t get her way. Ella and Linda join in on the action, and the girls form a tribe, a secret place where they can rely on each other for support and for back up when they get into a bar brawl.

Even while Chloe is black-out drunk, she’s an excellent detective. She recognizes a hand stamp on one of the bar’s patrons and follows the clues to a sex party that takes place across the street. Dan infiltrates the shindig with Lucifer and Amenadiel backing him up.

For once, Amenadiel is the loose canon here, although the worst he does is drink too much, dance the night away, and then fall asleep in an armchair. His total acceptance of his situation is concerning, especially because he has always felt like the one in control. But now Amenadiel is accepting humanity’s most basic vices into his everyday life, and I have to wonder if there’s going to be an out for him.

As they inch closer to the truth about this week’s case, Chloe also comes to realize Maze’s betrayal. She finally lets out her pent up emotions on the dead girls’ friend, who also happens to be the murderer. This is the first time we’ve ever seen Chloe lose control like this.

loved this episode because nearly everyone was acting out of character. That’s not a dig at the show, and in fact, it’s a welcomed change. I love Chloe’s strong exterior, but watching her drunkenly imitate Lucifer’s accent was the highlight of my night. Seeing Maze act more human than she was in all of season 1 was both heartwarming and hilarious.

The bond those four girls made while they were out drinking is something that I hope will continue forward in upcoming episodes. Maze and Linda’s friendship has been fantastic, and Ella’s introduction to the team was perfect, but there’s something about the four of them relying on each other without Lucifer butting in that takes it to a whole new level.

And speaking of a whole new level, that missing half hour of time from Chloe’s memory while she was drunk has now been accounted for. Maze and the good detective are now going to be roommates. What’s most surprising about this is that Maze actually seemed excited about it in a roundabout way.

Forget Lucifer, where’s the buddy cop dramedy starring Chloe Decker and Mazikeen the demon? I’d watch the Hell out of that.

Although this episode was filled with silly antics, it ends on a heavy note. Lucifer made a deal with God that if the Big Guy spared Chloe’s life, Luci would track down his mother and bring her back to Hell. Except Lucifer has punished his mother by keeping her on Earth. Since Lucifer went back on his word, Amenadiel thinks God will, too.

Lucifer doesn’t think one tiny life would concern God, but he’s quickly proven wrong when we see Chloe get into a serious car accident.

Next week looks like it’s going to be a fantastic episode that brings us a new brother, epic fights, Chloe’s life hanging in the balance, and less of a procedural element to the show. I am so ready.
The Devil is in the details

😈 What purpose is Amenadiel serving right now? He’s been floating by for the last couple of episodes and I think it’s time he finds a new mission in life.
😈 I still don’t think there’s enough Ella in this show. Give me more!
😈 Can we get a fight sequence for Maze every week? That. Was. Amazing.
😈 Lucifer actually felt like a minor part of this episode and it was kind of nice? I liked the focus on Chloe in particular.
😈 Poor Dan.

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