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Back in the past, Rumple and Bae are out in the woods ready to take on a giant sans dark magic. That’s when Bae is tackled by Beowulf, who is ready to take out Rumple. He steals that dagger from Beowulf and announces that he’ll be the hero who defeated the Dark One. It’s not a good time for anyone. Even in present day. Gideon is hellbent on fixing that sword and taking out Emma, who has discovered that even his godmother isn’t on his side. That only ticks him off more.

Robin and Zelena move forward on their plan to escape Storybrooke, which involves going to New York. It’s all lights and super-convincing performances of Wicked until Regina shows up in a sick flat-brimmed hat and great pantsuit. She’s disappointed in their attempt to steal magic, but even her magic can’t break the protection spell, so it’s not like it’s going to work. She does tell Robin she’ll help him leave because she owes him that.

Back in Beowulf’s times, Bae confronts Beowulf, who decides to take the plunge and attempt to kill him. But Bae calls upon dark magic, and Rumple appears. Beowulf goads him to go ahead and kill him, but Rumple stops. But Bae got a taste of something he likes and uses dark magic to command Rumple to kill Beowulf, and so it must be done. Beowulf is dead! In the present, Gideon has managed to track down the Blue Fairy and asks for her help, but when she says no, he decides he wants her magic. Gideon is kind of awful, y’all. But Rumple shows up and stops him, deciding to help his son and take it himself. It’s not a cool way to treat your godmother, guys. With that, the sword is restored and the dagger is given back to Rumple.

As we flip back to the past one more time, we see that history sort of repeats itself. He gives Bae a memory potion, throwing him for a loop about all things dark magic. Rumple did it to protect Bae, but when Bae wants to know what happened to Beowulf and sees the sword, he assumes that Rumple is responsible… and like, he is, but it was at Bae’s once-evil hand. In the present, Belle sees the Blue Fairy and is pretty disappointed by everything that’s transpired, and even less entertained that Rumple decided to hurt the Blue Fairy to stop Gideon. But she does admire that he took the bullet for their son and admits (girl, stop) that there may be hope after all.

As the episode draws to a close, Hook takes a shot at the bar and makes his way to Emma’s place. She runs downstairs just happy to be alive and in love when she finds Hook tasting like Captain Morgan. He’s working on a way to tell her about her grandfather when she admits that her answer is yes. Yes to her grandfather’s death? Nah. Yes to the ring she found in his pocket! It’s an exciting time, but she’s all about no secrets, and there’s definitely one to be discussed. Instead, our boy Hook pivots and proposes anyway. Emma says yes, and at least in her world, everything is good, guys. For a minute.

Zelena visits Regina, who apologizes to Zelena for everything she’s done and the fact that a part of her may always be a little evil. But when Regina goes to remove the cloth from the Evil Queen-turned-Snake’s cage, she’s gone. She’s snuck off, and she crawls up on Robin’s neck and bites his hand, coming back to life in her true form. Robin is, of course, pretty surprised. And the Evil Queen is all about having Robin around again.

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