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Episode 1: 8/22/17
George Schminky
Roy Wooley Jr.
Faina Rudshteyn
Jasmine Ringo

Episode 2: 8/29/17
Melissa Ebbe
Kelly Harris
Adolfo Barreto
Bryan (Tate) Steinsiek

Episode 3: 09/05/17
Alana Rose
Scott Fensterer
Robert Lindsay
Corinne Foster

Episode 4: 09/12/17
Miranda Jory
George Troester III
Derek Garcia
KC Mussman

Episode 5: 09/19/17
Jonathon Mario
Marie Rose Cruz
Angie Davis
Scott Jenkins

Episode 6: 09/26/17
Niko Gonzalez
Drew Talbot
Mel Licata
Heather Henry

Episode 7: 10/03/17
Darla Edin
Nicole Chilelli
Cig Neutron
Rashaad Santiago

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