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Sony Classical proudly announces the release of PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Featuring composer Tom Howe’s original score, the soundtrack will be available digitally and on CD October 13.

Stage 6 Films’ PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN premiered to rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival. On October 13, the film will be released in U.S. theaters in association with Annapurna Pictures.

“Working with Angela was fantastic,” exclaims Howe. “I was lucky enough to join the project before Angela filmed anything. Early conversations with her about the characters and story arc meant I was able to write a suite which she listened to on set and this formed the main theme and palette for the Marstons. The music takes us on an emotional journey tracking the ups and downs of the Marstons story infusing a subtle twist by using unusual percussion and bondage sounds.”

Director Angela Robinson had this to say about the score, “I was lucky enough to start working with Tom Howe in pre-production of PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN. Often the composer does not get involved with the film until after you’ve completed the final cut, but Tom was integral from the beginning. He wrote several Marston themes that I listened to while I was shooting so that his score became part of the actual filming of principal photography. I told Tom that I wanted the score to accomplish the same task the filmmaking was doing — I wanted to tell a lush, romantic, beautiful story but with this unconventional subject matter and I wanted the score to do the same — to be beautiful and emotional and elegant but also to simultaneously subvert itself. We settled on using a variety of percussive elements in the score which culminated in Tom integrating clapping and the sounds of actual spanking in the score to infuse the lyricism with a daring, subversive twist — like the Marstons!”

1. Professor Marston
2. What Is Normal?
3. Observing Olive
4. Professional Jealousy
5. The Speakeasy
6. The Sorority Spanking
7. Lie Detector
8. I See You in Everything
9. Olive Kisses Elizabeth
10. Inducement
11. Let’s All Be Friends
12. Olive Makes Her Decision
13. They All Kiss
14. Hiding Her True Self
15. Elizabeth is Pregnant
16. This is Pornography
17. Olive Becoming Wonder Woman
18. Looking for Mr. Gaines
19. Donn Got Into a Fight
20. Olive Leaves
21. Marston Falls Ill
22. Elizabeth Begs for Forgiveness
23. Love Me for All My Days
24. Professor Marston & The Wonder Women
25. Marston End Credits
26. Wife Not Your Jailer (Bonus Track)

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