[Exorcist] 208 | A Heaven of Hell

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As Father Bennett and Mouse head west to rendezvous with Marcus and Tomas, new details about Mouse’s tragic past comes to light. With time running out to finish the exorcism, one of the foster children is faced with a difficult choice. But the demon has other plans.

Cast: Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas Ortega; Ben Daniels as Father Marcus Keane; John Cho as Andy Kim; Kurt Egyiawan as Father Bennett; Brianna Hildebrand as Verity; Zuleikha Robinson as Mouse; Li Jun Li as Rose

Guest Cast: Alex Barima as Shelby; Hunter Dillon as Caleb; Alicia Witt as Nicole Kim; Timothy Webber as Russ Holstrom; June B. Wilde-Eremko as Colleen Holstrom; Beatrice Kitsos as Harper; Lily Knight as Miriam; Christopher Cousins as Peter Morrow; Lissa Neptuno as Female Doctor; Bob McCracken as Father Robert; �anna O`Dowd as Apprentice Priest

Airdate: 12/01/17

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Episode Recap • By Annie Sisk
After much piece-positioning and mood-setting and background-revealing by the busiest Exposition Fairy this side of an old “Alias” recap on Television Without Pity (RIP), The Exorcist has finally hit its stride. And in episode 7, “A Heaven of Hell,” we’re finally neck-deep in the real goods: AN ACTUAL EXORCISM on Poor John Cho. Yes, I know they technically started two episodes ago but c’mon. This show is JUST getting to the good stuff.

BTW, side note: If you haven’t seen Cho do his possessed-by-a-demon bit before, run, do not walk, to season 1 of the started-out-great-but-then-holy-crap-what-happened Sleepy Hollow. Starting in the pilot and going for a few episodes throughout that first season, Cho flat-out earned his Boy Scout badge in Evil Demon Minioning.

But I digress. Now is the time on Sprockets when I tell you that a recap has actual spoilers in it, so read further at your own risk. Management and I will not be held responsible for any emotional distress resulting from your own recklessness in this regard.

Everyone else, grab your crucifixes and let’s do this.

The Kids Are Not Alright

So Rose hid the kids with poor clueless Russ and Colleen (Spoiler Alert! This Will Not End Well For Either of You) who, somewhat hilariously, think Andy has pneumonia. The kids are worried about Andy. Rose is worried about them, mostly.

Verity is an especially intense flavor of her usual skepticism and asserts Andy needs actual help, not some BS medieval magic ritual.

Rose tells the kids she’s taking them all off the island in the morning. She’ll try to keep them together but — c’mon, we all know better, and so do they. Andy killed Harper’s mom; the cops are NOT gonna be all “oh, demon possession? Oh, OK, that’s different then” and let him go. They’ll be farmed out to separate foster families and never see each other again.

Verity knows this and just wants them all to face the harsh realities.They’re never going back to Andy’s, and basically life as they knew it is well and truly over.

Father Bennett and Mouse

Before we rejoin our exorcism already in progress, let’s check in with Father Bennett and Mouse.

They’ve fled Chicago and Demonic Maria Walters. He’s injured, as you’ll recall, and while she drives through the rainy night, he confronts her about her history with Marcus. Why didn’t she tell him about her former BFF-ship with our favorite ex-priest?

Maybe because it was super weird, y’all! We get a series of flashbacks here that … hoo, boy, I don’t even know how to do this so let me just rip off the totally generic adhesive strip bandage that is in no way trademarked and say “MARCUS WITH HAIR, YOU GUYS.” And Church Mouse was a novice, well on her way to taking actual nun-ny vows.

Sister Mouse is cutting his hair for him, which I’m sure in NO way indicates any kind of crush or what-have-you. And he’s teasing her about wimples and encouraging her to ditch the whole nun thing and run away for a normal life. She’s all “right back at ya,” but he’s all “chosen by God, babe,” and she’s all “yeah, you’re Special(™), we get it.”

Young Father Marcus is seriously up in her personal space as he tempts her with visiting their “guest,” and she blushes, looks away, half-protests that she’s not allowed to see this mysterious guest.

But wait! Young Sister Mouse has already been visiting the guest secretly – trying to exorcise the demon from the woman in chains inside the circle of candles. The demon taunts her. Mouse is nothing, she’s not special and chosen like Marcus, who saw the face of God when he was 12, but hey, a demon can totally hook a sister up! All she has to do is get closer … closer…

And yep, the second Sister Mouse steps inside the circle, the possessed woman attacks. And that’s how Mouse got her facial scars. By being stupid.

Side note: Profligate Dragon is my new band name.

Hey, it just hit me: Young Marcus looks like Blond American Jesus.

He’s found the deeply injured Mouse and is tearfully urging her to wake up. She does but … oof. She’s not just sliced and diced, folks. She’s full-on possessed. Who’d’a thunk it?! Right. All of us.

The demon has abandoned ship for the younger, hotter, healthier wanna-be-nun’s body and is now tempting Marcus Jesus with it. A horrified Marcus whimpers “What have I done?!” WHAT INDEED, sir.

Mouse wakes up later and there are two priests in the room, but sadly neither of them are Hot Blond Marcus. Old Priest tells her Marcus has bounced, and that as a Bride of Christ, she should know her place and stay there, missy.

Modern Mouse has apparently taken Bennett to the hospital. He’s on a ventilator and heavily sedated. The doctor is super suspicious of Bennett’s wounds and Mouse’s ridiculous “uhhhh, he fell” explanations, and says they’ll be calling the police because this looks like assault. Mouse just wants to get back on the road, which … wow, lady. I get it but dude’s knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door, you know?
She kisses the still unconscious Bennett on the head, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Back on Hell Island

Real Andy is deep in some demon-Nikki-induced hypnotic dream where they’re in love and everything’s cool. Even so, though, he’s like “uhhh, this ain’t right.” Demon-Nikki is all “I GOT THIS, boo.”

Demonized-Andy, on the other hand, is taunting Marcus about his “Church Mouse” and resisting the divine eviction order our dynamic duo are trying super hard to serve.
Verity is packing to leave, as Rose has requested. Colleen notices a huge book, which Verity says was a gift from Andy. He knew she liked building stuff, but hey, it’s not like college and engineering school are even remotely possible now that she’s aging out of the system and Andy’s not going to be there. Colleen’s like “dude, chill, it’s just pneumonia” and Verity’s alll “sure, sure” but she’s thinking “yeah, right — DEMONIC pneumonia.”

So when Verity overhears Marcus telling Rose that he wants one of the kids to talk to Andy and give him something to hold on to, to help cement him in reality instead of the hallucinations the demon keeps him locked inside, she’s all “I’m doing this. Not up for discussion, ma’am.”

Demonized Andy taunts Verity — she’s trash, they took her in for the check, she’ll end up dead and OD’d in some alley somewhere — but she is not having any of it. Verity is NOT here for that demon’s nonsense.

Demonized Andy holds a big chunk of ragged glass from the thing with the window earlier in his hand. But just when you think he’s gonna slice his way out of the restraints and through Verity, Real Andy takes the wheel for just long enough to warn Verity to run. She wisely does (Verity is no fool, y’all), and even Rose is hella impressed with the teen.
Still, Rose wasn’t kidding around about the whole leaving thing. The next morning, she drives the kids to the ferry and goes to buy the tickets. But they’ve already missed one ferry, so she tells them they’ll have to wait.

That’s when she realizes Verity’s not there. The kids reluctantly confess she left to go get the book Andy gave her. Rose is OVER THIS “teenage angst in the middle of demonic possession” crap, and leaves the kids at the ferry terminal to track her down. Ultimately, she agrees to drive Verity to Russ and Colleen’s so she can retrieve her precious book.

Why You Never Want to Tackle an Exorcism When You’re Not Well-Rested

Meanwhile, our exorcists are still trying to evict this kid-killing demon, but Demonized Andy taunts Marcus with Mouse’s voice. Tomas gets Marcus to admit he needs some rest, and they agree to take shifts. Marcus goes to lie down while Tomas gets back to work.

Marcus walks back into the room, looking relatively chipper. Tomas says the demon is losing its grip.

And if you hadn’t already figured out something was off here, Marcus starts complimenting Tomas. He’s not an apprentice anymore. He’s an exorcist. He’s proud to stand beside him as a brother.

Tomas says, “I didn’t know how much I needed to hear that.” Aw, boo. You still haven’t, really.

And they get back to the ritual with the litany of saints, Tomas repeating over and over “Pray for us.”

Back in the ferry terminal, the lights go out. Shelby and Harper are understandably tense. Gee, what a shame they don’t have someone with them who’s, like, SUPER comfortable getting around in pitch-black dark, huh? OH WAIT, THEY DO. #TeamCaleb.

As Verity retrieves her book, she’s increasingly struck by the silence in Russ and Colleen’s also-dark house. But then a door slams somewhere in the house.

Back at Chez Andy, we follow a slow tracking shot through the front door, past a STILL SLEEPING Marcus, up a blood-spattered staircase, into the exorcism room … where the bed is empty, Andy’s nowhere to be seen, and a pale-eyed Tomas sits catatonic in a chair, mumbling over and over “Pray for us … pray for us….”

Verity tracks the noise and eventually finds Russ and Colleen, both all-the-way dead. Rose walks into the room, looking odd. Verity points out the deadness, but Rose just looks at her intently and says, “Run.”

And then ANDY walks in behind her.

“Hey kiddo,” he purrs to Verity.

Up next: I’m guessing Mouse is gonna have a reunion with Not-So-Hairy Marcus? More demonic murder? Maybe! Fun times ahead!

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