[DVD] Hammer Films • Volume 4

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Never Take Candy From a Stranger – (1960) – B&W – Not Rated Gwen Watford, Patrick Allen, Felix Aylmer, Niall MacGinnis
A serious and horrifying chiller about a small town terrorized by an elderly child molester luring young girls into his mansion with sweets, but no official will stop the perverse man because of his powerful family until it’s too late.

Scream of Fear – (1961) B&W Not Rated – Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, Christopher Lee, John Serret, Leonard Sachs
A young wheelchair-bound woman returns to her father’s estate to find he’s away on business, but she keeps seeing his dead body in various places. Her stepmother and other house guests employ a plan to drive her insane and take her inheritance.

Disc: Blu-Ray (DVD Also Available — NO)
Available 03/06/18

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