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90th Oscars Onstage Transcript: Short Film – Live Action

SPEECH BY: Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Music: “Remember Me”

KRISTEN ANDERSON-LOPEZ: We were gonna go for the jet ski, but we’re from Brooklyn, so here we go. Thank you, guys, thank you, Academy. I really want to take a minute to look at this category of incredible nominated songwriters tonight. Not only are we diverse, but we are close to 50/50 for gender representation. When you look at a category like ours, it helps us imagine a world where all the categories look like this one.

ROBERT LOPEZ: Thanks to Lee, Darla and everyone at Pixar for letting us be a part of this important celebration of Mexico, music and family. Thanks to everyone who worked on and performed this song. And a shout out to our “Frozen” Broadway family on Broadway that just finished some previews.

KRISTEN ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Most of all we thank our family, the Andersons and the Lopezes, and our daughters Katie and Annie here with us tonight. Your love and creativity inspire everything we do.

ROBERT LOPEZ: But this is not for you, this is for my Mom who passed away. Everyone who knew her will always remember her.

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