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THE INVASION BEGINS! Architect David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) has stumbled upon a terrifying secret: aliens from a doomed planet are infiltrating the Earth! After witnessing their spaceship land, Vincent tries to warn the authorities, who believe he’s crazy or have already been compromised by the Invaders, who take on human form. As Vincent learns more about the aliens and their plans to take over the earth, he becomes their greatest threat. Now a target of the aliens, our hero – along with believer and millionaire Edgar Scoville (Ken Smith) – races to stop the invasion, and save the human race.

Available in a new 12-disc shelf-friendly complete series collection! Great guest stars: Gene Hackman, Ed Asner, Dabney Coleman, Peggy Lipton, Peter Graves, Suzanne Pleschette, Ted Knight, Sally Kellerman, and Barbara Hershey. From the producers of The Fugitive, Cannon and Streets of San Francisco, The Invaders: The Complete Series, features all 43 episodes of the original, suspense-filled series, plus special features (episodic intros by Roy Thinnes, audio commentaries, interviews and extended pilot) and commentary by the series creator.

Available 06/05/18

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