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About The Quick Guide
Comic-Con International’s Quick Guide publication takes all of the most important information about the show and puts it into one, full-color publication that’s easy to read and carry.

This indispensible magazine features maps of the Comic-Con layout at the Convention Center—including the huge, foldout Exhibit Hall map—and the “Comic-Con Campus” map, featuring the official programming rooms with CCI events. It also features the entire Programming Schedule in an easy-to-read, daily grid format, and a complete list of exhibitors, featuring booth numbers. This year’s Quick Guide features maps and info on all of our programming areas, plus a complete chronological Games tournament schedule and Restaurant Guide!

The Quick Guide is given FREE to all attendees (while supplies last), and is available exclusively at the event. You can find it at registration areas in the Sails Pavilion upstairs and alongside our onsite daily newsletter, Comic-Con Today, at locations throughout the Convention Center. Pick up your copy with your Souvenir Book, Events Guide, lanyard and WB bag in the Sails Pavilion when you get to Comic-Con!

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