2018 • Short Film (Animated) • Onstage

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91st Oscars Transcript: Short Film (Animated)

SPEECH BY: Domee Shi and Becky Neiman-Cobb
FILM: “Bao”


It’s our first time too.

Yeah, it’s our first time too. Oh my gosh. Thank you to the Academy and thank you to my fellow nominees. Thank you for supporting shorts. To all of the nerdy girls out there who hide behind their sketchbooks, don’t be afraid to tell your story to the world. You’re going to freak people out, but you’ll probably connect with them too, and that’s an amazing feeling to have. Thank you to Pete Docter for believing in my weirdness and giving me a voice at the studio. And thank you of course to my mom and my dad, my muses, and my partner Darren, for being with me through all of this and being my human stress ball. Thank you.

We want to thank the entire “Bao” crew. They brought their heart to this short and you can see it in every shot. To everyone at Pixar, you inspire us every day. Disney, for believing in us. To my friends and family, parents and sister, I love you so much. I got to make a short, help make a short that was about a mother just as I was becoming one. So, to my little “bao” Lucy and to DeAnn, none of this would be possible without you. I love you.

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