[DVD] Pet Cemetary

“[The film] tells the story of Louis and Rachel Creed (Dale Midkiff, The Crow: Salvation, and Denise Crosby, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and their two children, an average family who move into an idyllic home in the countryside to begin what promises to be a perfect new life. Unfortunately, their dream home sits next to a pet cemetery with a horrible and dark secret. When a family tragedy causes Louis to become unhinged with grief, he pays a visit to the cemetery and unleashes an unspeakable evil on the world.”

Paramount’s Blu-ray presents the film in its 1.85:1 original aspect ratio with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. The disc also contains the following supplements:

Commentary by director Mary Lambert
Stephen King Territory with the author delving into both the film’s locations as well as the origins of his novel

Behind-the-scenes featurettes:
The Characters
Filming the Horror

Pet Sematary streets on October 2nd.