Chicago Sci-Fi’s Box Office Update

Welcome to the Box Office Update. This will be an updated listing of movies as the close to collect just how much money they made, how long they were open, and more.

Updated: 05/29/18

Title Open Dom For Total Budget Closed
Avengers: Infinity War 04/27/18 $627M $1287B $1914B N/A 00/00/00 Deadpool 2 05/18/18 $218M $279M $497M $110M 00/00/00 Endless, The 04/06/18 $261M $000M $000M 00/00/00 Genesis TBD $000M $000M $000M 00/00/00 Incredibles 2 06/15/18 $000M $000M $000M N/A 00/00/00 00 Weeks Quiet Place, A 04/06/18 $181M $132M $313M $17M 00/00/00 Solo: A Star Wars Story 05/25/18 $103M $070M $170M N/A 00/00/00
Shape of Water 12/01/17 $064M $130M $194M N/A 05/03/18 22 Weeks