Captain America: Winter Soldier — Building The Cast: Frank Grillo

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A new character in the franchise is agent Brock Rumlow, who provides the muscle for many S.H.I.E.L.D. missions and operations. For the role, the filmmakers chose Frank Grillo who breaks down the intense character. “Brock Rumlow is basically a Navy SEAL,” says Grillo. “He is an elite special-ops guy who works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and takes care of business. When Captain America goes on a mission, he’s the guy by his side backing him up.”

Adds executive producer Louis D’Esposito, “When we are developing the screenplay we look at the story and ask ourselves if it makes sense for this role to be a character from publishing,” says Louis D’ Esposito.  “If it doesn’t, then we make up a new character, but if it does, that’s a great opportunity because it adds an extra layer for the people who already know the history of comics and will get more excited because it’s Brock Rumlow and they want to know what’s going to happen to this character. Is he going to become Crossbones in this film or is it something that is going to happen in future films? Because of Brock Rumlow’s history in the comic books, Frank Grillo was a perfect fit for the role and is a great actor.”

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