Captain America: Winter Soldier — Wrapping Up

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With the production finishing its work in Cleveland and heading back to Los Angeles for the final weeks of production, the cast and filmmakers reflect upon the creative journey that they experienced.

With this film being Chris Evans’ third, he admits that he has come to understand what the Marvel films mean to the people who watch them. “You start to realize that it does do something for people. It’s nice to see people affected or give them an opportunity to escape and just enjoy a fun ride. It’s a good feeling and it’s something I’m taking more seriously these days.”

Scarlett Johansson offers, “Movies are about being able to escape your life or connect pieces of your life and enjoy the experience. I love the movie-going experience from the popcorn to the previews to the film itself. I like having it stay with me afterwards and thinking about it days later. I love that whole aspect of entertainment, so to be able to be a part of these films that do that consistently well and are a big event for people to look forward to is exciting.”

Commenting on the experience of making Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Samuel L. Jackson states, “We all know that this is a special franchise and that we’re in a special place because we’re doing it, and we try to come here and bring as much enthusiasm and joy as we can because that’s part of what makes an audience enjoy what we’re doing.”

Anthony Mackie feels that when the movie hits theaters, people are going to be “pleasantly surprised with the story and the way the characters come across.” “It’s so character-driven and so focused on what’s going on in the world around that you’re drawn into it,” says Mackie. “I feel like when people see this movie, they’re going to buy into being a part of that world.”

Producer Kevin Feige adds, “The biggest thing that we wanted to deliver is a movie unlike any other Marvel movie. It is tonally very, very different. It’s got the humor, it’s got the action, but at the same time we see characters exploring their situations in a much deeper and richer way than we’ve done in the other films, and there’s a level of action in this film that is above and beyond anything we’ve done in any of our films. So we’re excited to have something be so important to the foundation of what has come before it and what’s to come and at the same time delivering a self-contained adventure film that I think is going to surprise a lot of people.”

“We’re as proud of this movie as anything we’ve done in our careers,” states Joe Russo. “It was an amazingly collaborative process where we worked with some incredibly talented people. We’re really happy that as fans of comics we’re able to bring what we like about comic books to the big screen and hopefully that will translate to audiences around the world.”

“We wanted a real intensity to this film,” concludes Anthony Russo. “I like thrill rides and I like when I get on board something and it doesn’t let me go and I forget to eat my popcorn until halfway through the movie. I always feel like those are the best movie experiences. You get in there and you have an emotional journey and you lose yourself in the filmmaking. Hopefully that’s what we accomplished—a perfect combination of a Super Hero film with a gritty political thriller.”

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