Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Spider-Suit

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“It’s an interesting idea that you have this continuing character, and in each and every movie the Spider-Man costume has been different,” says Academy Award®-winning costume designer Deborah L. Scott, who designs her first Spider-Man suit for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

For this film, Marc Webb chose to move in a more traditional direction for Spider-Man’s look. “In the first film, I wanted to treat the suit very realistically – as if we were asking, ‘How would a kid make this costume?’” Webb says. “We used fabrics and designs that a kid in Queens would have access to. For example, the eyes – they were literally made out of sunglasses, because that’s what he would find. This time around, I wanted to embrace what they did in the comics – the familiar, warm, iconic elements that we know from Spider-Man. And again, the eyes are an important part of that – this time, you can see how big and friendly those eyes are. When people interact with that costume, there’s a warmth, a feeling of safety, a connection that people have – and I think it has to do with those eyes.”

At Webb’s direction, Scott’s research for the design of the new suit called for going back to specific comic books. “We were very true to the source material, the original comics,” Scott continues. “And then we really wanted to take that and then move into the techniques and things that we have available to us now to make it a sleeker, cooler version.”

“The eyes in this particular suit were a huge focus for Marc and the filmmakers,” says Scott. Now white, and larger than in the last film, the eyes are made of a high tech plastic with real lenses through which to see. “The shape of them is very iconic,” she says.

“The other thing that was really important to me was to get the particular colors of red and blue,” Scott describes. Spider-Man’s new suit sports a darker blue than in the last film, featuring intricate webbing on the front and back.

“There are layers and layers of different kinds of print effects that were done in the computer first, outlined on the pattern, screen printed in multiple layers, and everything had to be incredibly precise,” Scott explains.

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