112/113 | Indispensable Man/Bad Blood

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~ Indispensable Man ~
While studying George Washington’s Bible, which is filled with notes written four days
after the President died, Ichabod stumbles across a map to Purgatory-a map drawn after Washington was resurrected after death! This means that, at long last, Katrina can be rescued. But the map is dangerous; Andy appears to Abbie and tells her that Moloch must not get his hands on it. Undeterred, Ichabod enlists Henry to help him hunt down Washington’s real resting place, and they find it on an island in a booby-trapped Masonic tomb.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, Frank’s daughter is under investigation because of the deaths of the men the demon killed while it was inside her, and Frank eventually confesses to the murders to save her.

A thrilled Ichabod takes the map from the hands of Washington’s skeleton, but a newly demonized Andy appears and attacks them all. Managing to trap him inside the tomb, Abbie. Ichabod and Henry escape, and Ichabod mournfully burns the map because he knows Moloch must be kept away from it. But the loss of Katrina is too much for him, and he redraws it later using his photographic memory.

* * * *
~ Bad Blood ~
Henry has a dream in which he witnesses the Second Horseman, War, rising by the end of the day. He warns Ichabod and Abbie, who realize that the only one capable of defeating the Horseman is a witch – and the only witch they know is Katrina, who is trapped in Purgatory! Ichabod ‘fesses up that he copied the map, and so he and Abbie travel into Purgatory to rescue Katrina. Unfortunately, she can’t leave unless someone stays to take her place, so Abbie remains behind while Ichabod and Katrina go back to defeat War.

But things aren’t what they appear: War isn’t actually rising that day from the spot Henry pointed out. In fact, it’s all been a ruse thought up by the old man, who reveals that he’s actually Jeremy – Ichabod and Katrina’s son! He spent 200 years in a casket after being trapped there by Katrina’s old coven, and now he wants revenge. He’s teamed up with Moloch as his Horseman of War! Katrina is taken away by Death, Abbie is trapped in Purgatory, Jenny is badly hurt in a car wreck and Ichabod is imprisoned inside Jeremy’s old casket. How will any of them escape and prevent the Apocalypse now?

Original Date: 01.20.14






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