[CD] Once Upon A Time ‑ Season 2

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Original music from Season Two of hit ABC TV series! Following in footsteps of Season One music (also available on Intrada), Isham expands upon ideas, styles established earlier, adds dynamic new themes into mix. Sequences grow larger, more expansive. Action, magic, darkness, romance, fantasy all part of composer’s musical realm. As stories bring in new crossovers between worlds of Storybrooke, Neverland, Enchanted Forest and others, Isham develops new material with keen sense of melodic, dramatic flair. He even creates new musical language for post-curse magical Storybrook. Music plays strong role throughout ABC series, often becomes another character in each episode. Season Two CD also premieres short but imposing main title. Album produced by composer. Michael Nowak conducts Hollywood Studio Symphony.

01. Sleeping Beauty (2:29)
02. True Love (4:45)
03. Magic (3:12)
04. We Are Both (1:41)
05. Meet the Jefferson (2:37)
06. Ruby and Granny (1:54)
07. A Real Boy (2:26)
08. The Hedge Maze (4:13)
09. Regina’s True Love (2:29)
10. Storybrooke Reunions (2:12)
11. The Duelists (1:21)
12. The Lady Jack (0:45)
13. In a Burning Room (4:16)
14. Tallahassee (2:21)
15. This Boy Will Be Your Undoing (2:46)
16. Science! (1:23)
17. To Neverland! (1:58)
18. Cora’s Waltz (2:19)
19. Snow White in Black (2:45)
20. How Magic Is Made (3:33)
21. One Perfect Day After Another (2:37)
22. Bae and the Shadow (2:45)
23. Tamara Shows Her True Colors (4:20)
24. The Adventure Begins (2:14)
25. Main Title (0:14)

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