[Music] Arrow • Season 2

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La-La Land Records and Warner Bros. Television presents Arrow – Season 2, an all-new collection of exhilarating score music tracks from the hit television series Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey and Willa Holland. Acclaimed composer Blake Neely (The Wedding Date, Everwood, The Mentalist) supports the continued, thrilling adventures of the famed hooded vigilante with an intense musical soundscape that has a power all its own. Neely personally selected, assembled and produced this compilation of Season 2’s biggest musical moments! This CD release features two exclusive tracks not available on the digital download version. A must-have for all ARROW fans and film/tv music enthusiasts. Arrow currently airs on the CW network.

1. Time to Come Home 1:51
2. I Don’t Blame You 2:06
3. A Different Way 2:38
4. City of Heroes / Canary 3:02
5. Love Is the Most Powerful Emotion 1:52
6. Off of the Island, Onto a Freighter 2:24
7. A New Kind of Evil* 2:25
8. Building a Team 2:06
9. Blind Spot 2:48
10. Forced to Make a Choice / Slade’s Metamorphosis 2:50
11. The Scientist 2:25
12. Roy Becomes a Hero 2:59
13. Mirakuru Spreads / Brother Blood 2:38
14. Heir to the Demon 1:51
15. Get Your Soul Back 2:26
16. This Ends Tonight 2:02
17. Good and Bad Aren’t So Clear* 3:49
18. Stay Away From Her 2:07
19. Deathstroking / Creating an Army With a Needle 4:07
20. Own Worst Enemy 3:21
21. A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad 2:08
22. Promise Kept 3:43
23. The Man Under the Hood 3:16
24. Secret Destiny 2:57
25. In the Crosshairs 3:10
26. Purest Heart 1:42
27. The Essence of Heroism 2:45
28. Tunnel Fight 2:04
29. Never Again 4:17

Scrolling: hover on any title in the listing, then scroll your mouse to the desired title.

Scrolling: hover on any title in the listing, then scroll your mouse to the desired title.